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Medical Microbiology is a very important branch of modern medicine. Microbial diseases contribute a good number of cases in all the hospital admissions. Department of Microbiology provides training to the medical students of 3rd and 4th years of MBBS course. The main objective of the department is to acquaint the medical student with the etio-pathogenesis of microbial diseases, immunological responses involved in the infectious process and the clinical aspect of the infectious diseases.

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To have workers with creative power and capabilities in microbiology in order to apply advance techniques for maintaining the accuracy in diagnostic approach.

— Department of Microbiology, Rajshahi Medical College

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That routine diagnostic microbiology laboratories contribute to patient care, hospital infection control and outbreak investigations. We believe that everyone regardless of socio-economic class has the right to expect that their health care providers will have access to a quality diagnostic microbiology laboratory providing reliable bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing.

— Department of Microbiology, Rajshahi Medical College
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We cannot fathom the marvelous complexity of an organic being; but on the hypothesis here advanced this complexity is much increased. Each living creature must be looked at as a microcosm--a little universe, formed of a host of self-propagating organisms, inconceivably minute and as numerous as the stars in heaven.

— Charles Darwin

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